The ACNEVOLUTION treatment is mainly based in different relaxing exercises that are coupled with some recommendations about skin care, protection, and cleansing. Muscle massages applied to neuralgic zones of your face and body will help you improve your blood circulation, making your organism work in harmony and avoiding the accumulation of residues that cause skin problems.

Unlike other methods and solutions that require pills, medicine, and facial creams, ACNEVOLUTION is 100% natural. In fact, it's an exercise guide that, night after night, will help your face and body recover their rhythm, getting rid of every kind of residue, such as greasiness, carrying the bacteria that obstruct your pores.

If you follow each and every step provided by our specialist, after a couple of days you’ll start to notice a progressive improvement in the affected zones, eliminating blackheads, irritation, and pimples.

Our innovative regeneration and cleansing method to repair damaged tissues has been proven by hundreds of patients to be simple, useful, and highly efficient. It definitely doesn’t leave any after-effect marks.


ACNEVOLUTION introduces an innovative and 100% natural solution that is couple with a series of massaging exercises to improve blood circulation, besides some skin care recommendations that will make you see how acne and skin marks progressively disappear and your skin recuperates its elasticity and natural glow.

Susan Thompson has developed an effective and simple method that allows us to see results within the first week of treatment.
Between the 13th and 16th days, you’ll see a notorious improvement, achieving the results you want after 12 weeks of treatment by getting completely rid of acne within three months, without having any after-effect marks to remind you of your problem.

The average treatment time is three to six weeks, which assures a definite solution that will make your body recover its normal balance, going back to working perfectly, and eliminating accumulated residues that cause skin problems.

Even though you can already see positive results within two weeks of use, our specialist recommends that you follow through with your treatment, since ACNEVOLUTION is a gradual method and you must comply with the pre-established schedule in order to definitely rid your body of the acne problem.